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Performance by Angelo Pretolani

Performance by Angelo Pretolani05ott18:0019:0018:00 - 19:00 Salita San Giovanni di Pré, 16126, GenovaConcluso


(Giovedì) 18:00 - 19:00


Salita San Giovanni di Pré

16126, Genova


“In Transit”
An install’action* by Angelo Pretolani
Angelo, Genoese by birth, places himself in dialogue with the old city; a wayfarer without a path he reaches the Commenda di San Giovanni di Pré, a place of great importance at the time of the Crusades where fighters merchants, clergymen and pilgrims from all over stopped, intruding towards the Holy Land- Here, next to the apse of the upper church, he traces with extreme slowness a spiral sign present in human history since prehistoric engravings and a symbol of the motion of universal energy. A Jungian path of revivification of life, from the center outward, a pattern reminiscent of the motion of the sun, a rotation around the self. In indigo. Under the pavement is the beach.


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