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"Gli Spostati" Movie

"Gli Spostati" MovieCinema in blue jeans12set21:1521:15 Cinema Sivori, Salita Santa Caterina 54R, 16123 GenovaConcluso


(Martedì) 21:15


Cinema Sivori

Salita Santa Caterina 54R, 16123 Genova


Cinema in blue jeans
There is no cinematic era that has not had its cult scene in jeans, in fact, jeans has been able to cross different genres and historical periods of the Seventh Art.
Great leading actors in film history have been immortalized on set while wearing this garment, and this selection of titles offers some examples.
The first movie idol to bring jeans to the big screen was James Dean who, along with his leather jackets and coiffed hair, made the jeans pant an icon. The fashion ran rampant especially among boys who imitated the movements and clothing of the star Hollywood. Girls, too, soon had their own role models: none other than one of the most beautiful women in cinema, Marilyn Monroe, wore a pair of jeans with a modern cut in the film The Displaced.




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