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"EST - ETICA JEANS"by Francesco Doria Lamba05ott10:0019:0010:00 - 19:00 Palazzo Salvago, Via San Luca 12, 16124 GenovaConcluso


(Giovedì) 10:00 - 19:00


Palazzo Salvago

Via San Luca 12, 16124 Genova


Artist Francesco Doria Lamba has created a series of works whose purpose is to facilitate
Jeans as a garment has for years been a symbol that has helped several generations express themselves and communicate messages that have led to important social revolutions. Today we know that the overproduction of denim can be particularly harmful to the ecosystem in which we find ourselves. Today’s society increasingly favors vintage garments because producing more is not is sustainable and does not help the planet in which we live, yet the fabric (Jeans or Denim) that has become the spokesperson for so many situations cannot’ be forgotten.
That is why Francesco Doria Lamba decided to use this fabric of Genoese origin elevating it to a work of art.
Jeans fabric is thus used as a real canvas on which to express an aesthetic that carries a variety of important messages. In the specific case of this exhibition set up in occasion of Genoa Jeans 2023 at 12 Via San Luca, the artist uses the Jeans canvas as a spokesperson of four themes: history, marine rescue, sustainability, and preservation of culturally unique contexts for the city of Genoa.
The aesthetic language takes inspiration from the “‘Passion cloths” exposed at the Diocesan Museum
of Genoa using the color white as Teramo Piaggio did but also from the industries textiles using decolorizers such as bleach. As for the works focused on the preservation of culturally unique contexts, the artist decided to use a mixed technique that also involves the use of photography to immortalize people, objects, and landscapes that deserve an accurate temporary reference to better remember them in future years. 


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