The city of Genoa, in the names of many streets and squares bears the tangible sign of productive aggregations that aided development, specialization, purchase of materials, training of workers, innovation and excellence.

In our country, districts facilitated processes, more or less governed and intentional, of accumulation and evolution of skills, in which spatial proximity and territory provided the opportunity to gain practical experience in the same field, or in similar fields, developing shared knowledge: through copying, imitation, spill-over.

Therefore, starting from the pulling and aggregating capacity of the GenovaJeans event, a Jeans District capable of directly influencing innovation and sustainability was born in the Pré district.

In this sense, the City of Genoa and the Genova Jeans Promoting Committee are working with trade organizations on the progressive creation of the District of Jeans, intended as a common space to capitalize and evolve the intangible heritage we have, developing along the route of the Via del Jeans.

The aim of the District is to foster an original and high-quality supply chain, with high integrated innovation (forms and materials), sustainable and aiming to be recognized as an excellence.

Within this path was born the Jeans Laboratory (129r and 131r Via di Pré), an incubator that will be able to host aspiring or existing artisans who want to specialize in the processing of jeans in the startup phase or professional upgrading.

In fact, the Jeans Lab is a startup incubator that allows aspiring artisans access to a fully equipped facility until they acquire independent investment capabilities. It is a facility equipped with the machinery (a hemming machine, stitching machine and ironing board) donated by Diesel and over 500 mt of Jeans fabric donated by Candiani.

That’s not all: there is an area dedicated to tailoring and craft training that will be carried out with local artisans, Fulgis Istituto Duchessa di Galliera, the Vespertine and with CNA Federmoda through collaboration with their training organization Ecipa.

The work we want to undertake aims to bring out the resources and skills of the area, whether civic or commercial or artistic, in order to include them in a common, slowly maturing path, characterized by authenticity and widespread authorship, capable of being a catalyst and accelerator of alliances, between resources skills and local potential and of major international players. This fertilization work is aimed at the progressive construction of a real Jeans District.

The two dimensions-that of the international GenovaJeans event and the territorial dimension of the District and the Jeans Workshop-are strongly connected and feed off each other, enabling each, the achievement of the other’s objectives.

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