GenovaJeans takes place along the “Via del Jeans” that runs from the ancient Commenda di Pré to Piazza Banchi (Via di Pré, Via del Campo, Via di Fossatello and Via San Luca), the route where jeans were already produced, marketed and used by dock workers centuries ago.

Building on the event’s ability to attract and aggregate expertise, the City Council and the GenovaJeans Promoting Committee are launching a Jeans Hub capable of making culture, innovation and artisanal production from the historical heritage the city has.

The Hub’s goal is to foster an original and quality supply chain, with high integrated innovation (forms and materials), sustainable and aiming to be recognized as an excellence, combined with entertainment and cultural opportunities thanks to the future Museum of Jeans that will be spread throughout the territory as new heritages are added.

As a first step in this journey, the Jeans Lab (Via di Pré 129r and 131r) was born, an incubator that hosts aspiring or existing artisans who want to specialize in jeans processing in the startup phase or for professional upgrading.

The Jeans Lab offers them access to a fully equipped facility until they are self-sufficient. It is a facility equipped with machinery (hemming and sewing machine and ironing board) donated by Diesel and hundreds of meters of Jeans fabric donated by Candiani.

The JeansLab will offer tailoring and craftsmanship training that will be carried out by ECIPA, a training institution of CNA Federmoda, in close connection with the Arts Academy for the artistic creativity part.

At the same time, thanks to the incentives that the municipality provides for those who decide to locate their business along the Jeans Street, new artisans will be accompanied in the start-up phase with the assistance of business creation experts.

The two dimensions – the GenovaJeans international event and urban dimension of the Hub and Jeans Lab – are strongly connected and feed off each other, enabling each to achieve the goals of the other.

Already in the first weeks, the JeansLab has hosted important artists such as Ian Berry and Afran and artisans who have offered participants experiences in jeans printing, creative restoration, and bijouterie. New initiatives are already planned  before end of 2023, attracting people of all ages and interests.  Stay tuned on the social profiles Instagram thejeanslab_ and Fb: Jeans Lab

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