All you have to do is wear a piece of jeans to participate for free in a splendid evening of celebration in the nine acres of the enchanting park of Villa Serra – Comago – in the Polcevera Valley (Genoa, Italy). A party enhanced by the live notes of the Louisiana Jazz Club band and the “analog” and 80s djset with vinyl records by Alfredo Boriello Yogi. On Sept. 10 from 6 p.m. to midnight, Villa Serra – Comago- will host JeansParty, the first event of “Waiting for GenovaJeans” in anticipation of the 2023 edition of GenovaJeans, scheduled from Oct. 5 to 8 in Genoa’s historic center, in the so-called ‘jeans street’ between Via Prè, Via del Campo, Fossatello and Via San Luca.

No reservation or even ticket payment is needed, you just need to show up at the gate wearing at least one piece of jeans, a mandatory dress code for participants. A party open to all that thus embodies some of the founding values of GenovaJeans: inclusion and participation with an evening dedicated to environmental sustainability related to the responsible production and consumption of one of the most polluting fabrics ever.

The party, organized with the collaboration of the Liguria Region by the City of Genoa, which together with the municipalities of Serra Riccò and Sant’Olcese forms the “Villa Serra Consortium” that manages the property of the architectural complex, is designed with the support of AMIU Genova-the company that covers all services related to the management of the waste cycle and the environment in the city-and Humana People to People Italia, an international nonprofit working in the reuse of textiles. Humana is in the process of placing 346 street bins in the metropolitan city of Genoa for its new used clothing collection service, and it is at Villa Serra that it is presenting a preview of the new ecoboxes

All participants can hand in their used clothes, not just jeans, and receive in return as a souvenir of the evening a nice bracelet-gadget offered by “ReChiclo,” made strictly from recycled jeans. It is the new trend of “refashion”, the new art of giving new life to used clothes, first of all of course jeans garments, because GenovaJeans is not only an event, but a moment to spread the culture of recycling and reuse for the future of the blue planet. Also a partner of the evening is “Helan Genova“, a company whose mission is to produce natural cosmetics designed and made in harmony with skin physiology, nature, the environment and the animal world. 

Amt – a company that deals with mobility and public transportation in Genoa – will provide a free shuttle service to and from the center of Genoa so you have no excuse to miss it, but remember: no jeans no party.

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