At the Museum of Risorgimento, in the house where Giuseppe Mazzini was born, there is the portrait by the famous y English artist Ian Berry “Garibaldi in jeans”. It pays homage to the hero of two worlds.

Created for this occasion, it is inspired by Gerolamo Induno’s famous painting “Garibaldi a Marsala” (11th May 1860). Oil on canvas, 1861, from the National Museum of Italian Risorgimento in Turin, which has kindly authorised the use of the image.

In addition to Ian Berry’s work, visitors can see relics and iconographic evidence of Giuseppe Garibaldi 1000’s Army and the Red Shirts from Genoa’s civic Rirsorgimento collections, which prove the use of the typical blue fabric.

The museum preserves and exhibits a rich historical and artistic heritage dedicated to the historical events that led to the Unification of Italy. Among the most significant objects of the permanent collection, there is the autographed document containing the first draft of what later became the Italian National Anthem, written by Goffredo Mameli, and the score with music by Michele Novaro.

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