Art installations in the “street of jeans”

Like the textures that make jeans one of the world’s best-known fabrics, so in the streets of downtown Genoa, the City’s action to breathe new life into the caruggi is taking shape with the “jeans street” and “Hub-In.” On the one hand, funds for innovation, creative entrepreneurship and social inclusion, and on the other “GenovaJeans,” […]

Our exceptional testimonials for GenovaJeans

Four exceptional testimonials, four ambassadors of Genoa in the World, are lending their faces and voices to promote the 2023 edition of GenovaJeans, which takes place in Genoa Oct. 5-8. All of them are successful Genoese in the entertainment, TV, radio and media sectors, all of whom have already been named “Ambassadors of Genoa in […]

Cinema in blue jeans

“Cinema in blue jeans” with five films on the big screen, three at a discounted price and two totally free, to celebrate GenovaJeans.  The three free screenings, organized as part of “Waiting for GenovaJeans,” in anticipation of the 2023 edition of GenovaJeans, which takes place in Genoa Oct. 5-8, are held on three days Sept. […]

Waiting for GenovaJeans: the Jeans Party

All you have to do is wear a piece of jeans to participate for free in a splendid evening of celebration in the nine acres of the enchanting park of Villa Serra – Comago – in the Polcevera Valley (Genoa, Italy). A party enhanced by the live notes of the Louisiana Jazz Club band and […]

Where we talk about circularity, we talk about beauty

“GenovaJeans is the starting point from which a concrete message is launched, one of innovation with the new culture of production, creation and sustainability where everything is done under the banner of a new generation of design, where we talk about circularity but we also talk about beauty. We are talking about Innovation with a […]

Genoa has a story to tell

“GenovaJeans is a great event for a city that knows it is the home of jeans but needs to be able to tell everyone about it, that is our goal. (…) Such a quantity of inputs and starting points that will make these four days a very heartfelt and very strong event, of that territorial […]

Innovation and passion for a Modern Renaissance

“GenovaJeans has very high aspects in terms of responsible innovation, ethics, attention to the environment, but it also has aspects of the heart because Jeans is part of the DNA of this city!” says Manuela Arata, President of the GenovaJeans Promoting Committee, which will animate the homonymous city from 5 to 8 October 2023. “We […]

The responsible innovation inspires the next-generation jeans

Jeans have always been the hero of fashion history: an iconic garment part of every lifestyle andcollective imagery. Looking back to its roots, weaved in the city of Genoa, nowadays jeans meansvalue: creativity, technology and responsible production. GenovaJeans is a project that aims tocultivate and convey multiple and cross-cultural ideals dedicated to the next generation […]

The Hub and the Jeans Lab

GenovaJeans takes place along the “Via del Jeans” that runs from the ancient Commenda di Pré to Piazza Banchi (Via di Pré, Via del Campo, Via di Fossatello and Via San Luca), the route where jeans were already produced, marketed and used by dock workers centuries ago. Building on the event’s ability to attract and aggregate […]

GenovaJeans 2023

The new edition of GenovaJeans awaits you on October 2023. Exhibitions, temporary shops, showrooms, Jeans workshops animations, shows and concerts will animate the City Center under the sign of blue. Stay tuned!

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