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5th-8th October 2023

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From Janne, the Old French name for Genoa, where the heavy cotton now used for jeans was first made.

After its debut in 2021, GenovaJeans will be held on October 2023.

A multichannel event that appeals to everyone: in fact, jeans is everywhere and for everyone. In wardrobes, in lifestyles, in the widespread imagination. It knows no social classes, generations, seasons, genders, peoples; it goes beyond borders and differences.

The Jeans Street, Genoa’s “Carnaby Street”, for this new edition, grows and involves new locations.

4 days of exhibits talks workshops events shows

in the place of unforeseeable possibilities, in the place from which jeans was also born, even before it was called “jeans”.


the event dedicated to the Jeans culture and lifestyle

which talks about beauty, innovation, respect for people and the environment.

a next-generation networking space

that encloses the entire jeans community for a true circular approach, from the supply chain to its users.

a new concept

of manufacturing and design district.

the " jeans place"

that starts from the cultural roots of Genoa, but raises towards smart values such as design, creativity, technology and responsible production.

discovering a city full of stimulation and contradictions

accessible and twisted, a melting pot of traditions and contaminations, vices and virtues, always at the mercy of arrivals and departures.

reliving the cultural fabric

from which jeans drew its most intimate and true inspiration. It is the theater in which it reprises its role as the protagonist of modernity: from a fabric worn by dock workers to a garment that transcends differences and pushes sustainability.


GenovaJeans 2023

The new edition of GenovaJeans awaits you on October 2023. Exhibitions, temporary shops, showrooms, Jeans workshops animations, shows and concerts will animate the City Center

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Jeans made in Genova

“Jeans made in Genoa”: the series of workshops promoted by GenovaJeans in collaboration with CNA Federmoda and in conjunction with Duchessa di Galliera that targets

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